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Lowe's has been improving home improvement for over 60 years. As a core member of the UX team, we spent over a year working on the redesign of Lowes.com. The entire site was given a face-lift with a customer-first approach and was awarded the 2017 Internet Retailer Web Redesign of the Year.

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My Role

I was hired specifically for my ability to think outside of the box and to push others on the team to do the same. As 1 of 3 UX designers I touched almost every portion of the site in some way whether it was design suggestions or critical thinking. Partnered with UX architects, a content strategist and ux researchers, I was directly responsible for the Header & Footer, Sign In Modal, Store Locator Page, Category Pages, and the Product Detail Page.

*To comply with Lowe’s non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information in this case study. The information provided does not necessarily reflect the views of Lowe’s.

The Challenge

Create a Unified Selling Experience

The days of shopping solely on a desktop computer or in a brick and mortar store are over. The modern-day customer expects information to be accessible on whatever device they have whenever and wherever. Our high-level goal was to create a seamless and intuitive shopping experience that would marry digital with our physical stores.

A Step Forward

The first step in our process was to create digital standards. Those standards evolved into a design system called Scaffold that shaped and created consistency across the rest of the site. Similar to Zurb’s Foundation, it allowed our developers to cut back on development time and allowed our designers to be more efficient.

Our Approach

Keep the Customer First

Ecommerce sites are great because they’re open 24/7 and give you a far greater reach than the traditional brick and mortar stores. Where they suffer at times is with product descriptions, being non-engaging, and have a complicated purchasing process. What we made sure we did at every step of the project is identify customer pain points, and work towards correcting those.

Taking Shape

After over 100 hours of customer usability tests, and multiple iterations, the site began to take form. We did competetive analysis on over 50+ retailers with a target of producing an experience that met customer demands.

Category Page

Product Detail Page

Sample Page Layouts

A Look Back

The experience we created allowed customers to go from desktop, tablet, to mobile all while keeping the same relevant information throughout. All the details that would help make a purchasing decision like product 360's and product reviews, can be leveraged no matter the device you use to shop.

Video Credit: Bryan Smith