Pittsburgh Digital DJ's

UI, Web Design, Branding, Creative

Pittsburgh Digital DJ's pride themselves on having some of Pittsburgh's biggest and best DJs. Whether you're looking for a DJ that has performed at concerts all around the world, the perfect wedding DJ, or something in between, they have the DJ for you.

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Starting Off Right

Creating the Brand

The first thing that I set out to accomplish was to create a brand that captured the essence of the company. I began brainstorming multiple concepts that broke down the company name into a literal representation. From there, I narrowed it down to a combination logo that worked with or without the DJ mark.

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Building the Site

Being able to choose the right DJ has always been complicated. Finding an experienced DJ that’s perfect for your event has always been even more of a challenge especially for events like weddings since that day is arguably the most important day of your life.

The purpose behind the site was give you a place to not only learn about our provided services, but to make it easy to find the right DJ for your event no matter the need.

The Approach

Pittsburgh Digital DJs offers a variety of entertainment add-ons to their packages e.g. a social media experience, wireless speaker sytems, atmospheric up-lighting, and more. Every service package they offer includes lighting ranging from a 'bronze package' up to a 'platinum package'. With that in mind, I made the choice of using a dark styled theme for the website. This allowed me to accomplish a few things:

  1. Created a stunning visual impact
  2. Provided a great platform to present images and other media
  3. Conveyed a feeling of mystery and excitement